VAB-01 Released : Introductory Gear Equations

VAB-01: Covers Compound Gears

VAB-01: Covers Compound Gears

We are pleased to announce we have recently completed our first Video Application Bulletin!

It is based on the Application Bulletin 024: Introductory Gear Equations, serving as a guide to the basics of gearing and spur gear chains. Aside from this blog post, you can also find the video on its Application Bulletin page or directly on Vimeo:

VAB-01: Introductory Gear Equations

Precision Microdrives on Vimeo

We’ll be looking to create more Video Application Bulletins, we hope you agree that the visual aspect helps convey some concepts that might be difficult to explain in text. Of course, if you can think of any topics you would particularly like to see then get in touch!