Vibration Alerting Enhances Safety with Respirator Purifying Systems

For safety equipment reliable performance is paramount. These products are typically used in hazardous environments where any type of failure could be dangerous for the user. In this instance, we’re specifically looking at respirator purifying systems, such as the North Compact Air 200 Series Powered Air Continue reading

Vibration Alerting for Industrial Protective Clothing

Many of the example applications we have offered for vibration alerting have centred around handheld tools and user interfaces that would be used on an industrial or construction site. The issue here is that often the operators will be wearing some form of protective clothing. For example, Continue reading

Driving Brushless Vibration Motors – AB-018 Released

Our latest brushless vibration motor, the 912-101, is a great new product aimed at long life mechanical aid and vibration alerting applications. When it comes to driving the motor, there are some differences between it and the 910-101 coin brushless vibration motor. So we thought we would put Continue reading

Experiments in Waterproofing / Overmolding Vibration Motors AB-016 Released

Back when we were writing AB-010: Mechanical Mounting for Vibration Motors: to Flexible Material and Clothing we had fun thinking of all the applications it could be used for. Almost immediately we had several ideas for providing vibration alerting in clothes, we decided to suggest uses for security guards, armed forces, Continue reading