Gravity Light’s Unique Use of Motors to Create Lamps

The Concept Recently we were contacted by the GravityLight™ team regarding a very interesting project they are working on, an alternative to kerosene lamps that is powered only by gravity. Kerosene lamps are still commonly used in the developing world, despite the numerous financial and Continue reading

Using The Hall Effect to Drive Brushless Motors

What gives brushless vibration motors a long life? The clue’s in the title! The precious metal brushes are typically the most common source of failure that limits the lifetime of normal DC motors. They are integral to the operation of our eccentric rotating mass vibration motors in Continue reading

Lifetime of DC Vibration Motors (MTTF & FIT) AB-019 Released

Most questions we are asked are answered somewhere in our datasheets or on the website, and we’re more than happy to help our customers with all the information you need. Unfortunately, the answer to one of the most common questions is not to be found. “How long do your motors Continue reading