Harvard’s Kilobots Driven Using Vibration Motors

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University have created an amazing group of autonomous robots called ‘Kilobots’. The key detail is the robots are able to work together and arrange themselves into complex structures. To position themselves, the robots use two coin vibration motors with Continue reading

Wireless Vibration Application the getOrder Waiter Paging System

In a blog post earlier this year we discussed ways to make your product wireless. The getOrder waiter pager from Rok Furlan s.p demonstrates how going wireless can increase the utility of a product. What Is It? The getOrder is a wireless waiter-paging system. Guests in a restaurant Continue reading

Vibration Motor Used for Panoramic iPhone App

List this under interesting or fun, but not exactly an app you would find in the “Productivity” section. That is unless you’re in the business of taking 360° videos! The Cycloramic App uses the vibration motor in the iPhone 5 to rotate the phone whilst recording video. It also Continue reading

Vibration Alerting Enhances Safety with Respirator Purifying Systems

For safety equipment reliable performance is paramount. These products are typically used in hazardous environments where any type of failure could be dangerous for the user. In this instance, we’re specifically looking at respirator purifying systems, such as the North Compact Air 200 Series Powered Air Continue reading