Bench-top Pill Counting Instrument Mechanical Aid Hopper Vibration Kit

THE APPLICATION & SOLUTION Vibration is not only used for haptic feedback, and user interface notifications. In this example, our customer is a manufacturer of bench-top pill and tablet counters. Some parts of their machines were being upgraded to handle larger quantities of pill and tablets, and Continue reading

Vibration Motor For Emergency Services Ruggedised Radio

THE APPLICATION & SOLUTION Vibration alerting is a key feature for many applications. This is especially true when communication can mean life or death, such as an emergency services radio. But vibration alerting in this application is very different from a consumer cell phone. Firstly, the Continue reading

Precision Gear Motor with Encoder For Electronic Inhaler

THE APPLICATION & SOLUTION Many companies are developing intelligent consumer medicine dosing devices, which enables monitored patients to take correctly dosed medicines, at home. Previously this industry designed purely mechanical dosing devices such as insulin EpiPens. The challenge with pure mechanical devices is that the Continue reading

Micro Linear Actuator Servo For Swarm Robot Research

THE APPLICATION & SOLUTION Current robotics research is generating some very unique applications, and one particularly interesting field is ‘swarm robotics’. These applications seek to mimic the behaviour of simple creatures such as ants, where the ‘intelligence’ is observable at the swarm/group level. Our customer for this Continue reading

Gravity Light’s Unique Use of Motors to Create Lamps

The Concept Recently we were contacted by the GravityLight™ team regarding a very interesting project they are working on, an alternative to kerosene lamps that is powered only by gravity. Kerosene lamps are still commonly used in the developing world, despite the numerous financial and Continue reading