Using The Hall Effect to Drive Brushless Motors

What makes brushless vibration motors long life? The clue’s in the title! The precious metal brushes are typically the most common source of failure that limits the lifetime of normal DC motors. They are integral to the operation of our eccentric rotating mass vibration motors in the ‘Vibration Motor’ Continue reading

Understanding Horizontal Linear Resonant Actuators

Throughout our technical content, such as our pages on vibration motors or Application Bulletins, we often discuss linear resonant actuators. We also never (seem) to say they vibrate in only one direction, unlike a standard eccentric rotating mass vibrating motor. Often, we say the vibration direction is in the vertical Continue reading

Testing a Vibration Motor with Vibration iPhone App

Introduction Here at Precision Microdrives, our trendy iPhone-owning engineers recently stumbled upon the Vibration app, brought to you by Diffraction Limited Design LLC. This great piece of software uses the accelerometers of the iPhone to measure vibration amplitudes, also performing some pretty nifty maths including Continue reading