DC Motor Speed: Voltage and Torque Relationships

Something we have discussed in the past is how varying the voltage to a vibration motor can change the amplitude, particularly with reference to haptic feedback and playing different effects. However, something we haven’t explicitly shown is why this happens, or discussed it in the Continue reading

Gravity Light’s Unique Use of Motors to Create Lamps

The Concept Recently we were contacted by the GravityLight™ team regarding a very interesting project they are working on, an alternative to kerosene lamps that is powered only by gravity. Kerosene lamps are still commonly used in the developing world, despite the numerous financial and Continue reading

Driving Multiple Actuators from a Single Source

Introduction If you are looking to run more than a single motor from a driver or MOSFET you may be concerned with the additional power consumption and exactly what happens in the circuit. We’ll look at series and parallel connections, highlighting what this means for drivers. In addition, there’s Continue reading