Video: M10-400 Brushless Motor Evaluation Board Released

We are very pleased to introduce our first product in our new Precision Controller™ range, the M10-400 Evaluation Board. It is a brushless motor driver board based on the DRV11873, and we have developed the kit to drive our brushless motors ‘out-the-box’. The Dura Vibe™ 912-101 and Dura Core™ Continue reading

Using The Hall Effect to Drive Brushless Motors

What gives brushless vibration motors a long life? The clue’s in the title! The precious metal brushes are typically the most common source of failure that limits the lifetime of normal DC motors. They are integral to the operation of our eccentric rotating mass vibration motors in Continue reading

Driving Brushless Vibration Motors – AB-018 Released

Our latest brushless vibration motor, the 912-101, is a great new product aimed at long life mechanical aid and vibration alerting applications. When it comes to driving the motor, there are some differences between it and the 910-101 coin brushless vibration motor. So we thought we would put Continue reading