Precision Gear Motor with Encoder For Electronic Inhaler


The Finished Electrical Inhaler

Electrical Inhaler

Many companies are developing intelligent consumer medicine dosing devices, which enables monitored patients to take correctly dosed medicines, at home. Previously this industry designed purely mechanical dosing devices such as insulin EpiPens. The challenge with pure mechanical devices is that the patient can easily overdose, which can be more dangerous than not taking medicine in the first place. However, that is actually the second problem – that patients can forget to take medicine, and forget what they have taken, and when. Electronic medicine dispensing devices are therefore very helpful for healthcare providers and patients alike.

In this example, our customer was designing a new respiratory medicine dispensing device. The product design was done by the customer’s in-house engineering team, and they provided us with a detailed performance, lifetime and environmental specification for a gear motor with an integrated encoder. Taking the design inputs we developed a drive solution from our 212-XXX platform of precision spur gear motors. Being a medical application, the validation and testing requirements were extensive, both to ensure product conformity within batches and batch conformity between production lots.

Spur Gear Motor Used In the Electronic Inhaler

Spur Gear Motor Used In the Electronic Inhaler

Spur Gear Motor Used In the Electronic Inhaler

Spur Gear Motor Used In the Electronic Inhaler


Image of a CAD drawing on a computer screen and someone measuring the motor with calipers

Every Project Starts With Precise Designs

The motor was designed with a customised winding for 6v operation, and an unusual 7.5-degree commutator advancement, to enhance the drive torque in the forward direction. This was a specific requirement due to the application having an asymmetric load. Another unusual requirement was an inertia specification, which couldn’t be met with the motor rotor alone. We implemented that in combination with the encoder requirement, by using a ‘chunky’ steel encoder wheel. The optical quadrature encoder was implemented on a PCB back-pack that also carried a local EMI suppression with an X2Y filter and a Molex connector for the wiring harness interface.


Precision Motor Manufacturing & Testing

Precision Motor Manufacturing & Testing

Modern motor/mechanism design and manufacturing is a highly challenging multi-discipline engineering activity.

Precision Microdrives can save you time, money and stress. With so many applications engineered successfully, we have a huge amount of experience and know-how. We also have a first-class manufacturing infrastructure, and industry-leading testing and validation capability.

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