Medical Oral Drug Delivery Device

THE CHALLENGE PMD Medical Oral Drug Delivery device

Our medical device customer asked us for support in developing an innovative method of dispensing precise measures of medication, through an inhaler. They were struggling to design and source a suitable gear motor mechanism. They had a very specific set of motor requirements due to the design and product envelope, as well as strict cost constraints. Being a medical device company, they were seeking a reliable manufacturing partner, with rigorous design, validation, testing and quality procedures. They also required trusted certification, and an ability to quickly ramp up supply volume for mass production. 


We supported them throughout the design process, where our application experience honed in on challenges surrounding the expected number of motor actuations within an average lifespan of the device. 

We have a lot of experience in validating and testing for motor lifetime. We designed two gear motor solutions for different parts of their device, and tested both on our motor longevity equipment. The longevity requirements for the first motor were proven to be achievable, but the second not – at least not without blowing out the cost constraints. We worked with the customer to redesign a part of their dispensing protocol, so as to reduce the number of actuations, and therefore the longevity requirements for the second motor. This validation work significantly reduced their risk of premature failure, and helped to protect their brand reputation whilst delivering their product at a marketable price point.

We manufactured two cost efficient gear motors with customised shafts, connectors and mounting brackets. The customer validated the products and then carried out a comprehensive quality audit of our Hong Kong production facility to fully validate the solution offered.


PMD Gear Motor

  • Our solution allowed the device to pass lengthy medical trials for dosage accuracy, longevity and comply with all necessary specifications.
  • The device was an immediate success in the customers domestic medical market. We are now supporting the customer to get the device FDA Class I certified so it can be sold in the United States. 
  • We have supplied over 4,000 gear motors in a soft launch, and our customer is now ramping up production volumes to meet market demand.
  • We managed our customers risk in the development process and throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, assuring continuity of supply and a consistent quality. 



The customer has appointed Precision Microdrives as their primary supplier of gear motors based on the level of service, technical expertise, testing and quality controls, and an ability to meet commercially driven cost targets.


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