Decay Modes for Motor H-Bridge Drivers

Recently we had a few customers asking about driving our DC gear motors with H-bridges, and specifically, whether they would need additional fly-back diodes for each transistor in the bridge. As it happens – you don’t, and there are a few options that can be Continue reading

Benefits of PCB Backpacks

Our larger DC motors commonly have terminal power pins, as opposed to SMD motors or ones with power leads. Whilst in some applications this can be a drawback, others appreciate the flexibility offered – bear in mind that larger motors have a much wider range Continue reading

Risks of using under-powered batteries in haptics

Many haptic applications, in particular, wearables, face severe trade-offs in overcoming limitations in power supplies. A battery’s volume is directly related to a host of other desirable specifications, such as voltage, current, or capacity. For many designers, squeezing as much life out of their battery Continue reading

Mounting Motors with Glue: Outgassing and Blooming

Introduction When it comes to mounting motors, a common solution is to use adhesives or glue. Even some of our coin motors and LRAs come with special backings to help keep them in place. However, these adhesives need to be carefully selected as they can Continue reading