VAB-02 : How Do Vibration Motors Work?

This VAB introduces how ERM vibration motors work, including how they create vibrations and what determines the vibration frequency and amplitude. It draws from our previous AB-004: Understanding ERM Vibration Motor Characteristics. These concepts are much easier to understand when you see everything in motion, so Continue reading

AB-028 : Vibration Motor Comparison Guide

Overview One of our most common enquiries is from people all over the world who want to implement vibrations in their application but have never done so before. The following guide will outline the main types of vibration motor, the various options available for each, Continue reading

VAB-01 : Introductory Gear Equations

The video below is based on Application Bulletin 024: Introductory Gear Equations. It covers the basics of meshed gears, including how to calculate gearing ratios. We’ve also discussed how to increase the gearing ratio, using compound gears to build a spur gearbox. So check out Continue reading