A Change on Datasheets: Torque Becomes Load

You may have noticed a recent change on our datasheets and in some sections of our website, relating to how we qualify our DC motors and gearmotors.

Rated Torque has been Updated to Rated Load

Rated Torque has been Updated to Rated Load

The previous value of ‘Rated Torque’ has been replaced with ‘Rated Load’ (see bottom left in the image above). It is important to recognise these parameters represent the exact same value.

Although it’s a small change, we believe it makes some of the technical values easier to understand. Our motors undergo a range of tests, for DC motors and gearmotors these are typically performed under one of three load conditions:

  • No load (e.g. N/L speed)
  •  The Rated Load (e.g. Typical Operating Current, Rated Load Speed)
  •  A range of different loads (e.g. Typical Performance Characteristics Graph)
Torque Testing Machine

Torque Testing Machine

For some, the term ‘torque’ may be confusing because it sounds like the amount of power the motor can deliver. However, in the context of our datasheets and tests, it is referring to the force applied to the shaft, i.e. not so much the output of the motor as an input to the test.

To reflect this difference, we’re now using Rated Load (etc) to make it clearer that this is an external force applied to the shaft of the motor for testing. Please remember, the value is unchanged (plus we still use mNm), only the language has changed.

As I’m sure our regular readers will appreciate, we have a lot of content on our site! So we’ll be working our way through, updating articles to reflect this change. In the meantime, please bear with us as we make this adjustment. If you need anything clarified, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can clear it up for you.

And thank you for your patience!