Ethics Policy

Our Vision And Principles

Our vision and principles are an important part of Precision Microdrives as it defines how we conduct our business and how we behave. This code gives the standards that all employees, managers and directors must follow at all times to make sure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve.

Precision Microdrives has a responsibility towards all its employees and needs to respect their diversity. It needs to provide everyone with a sense of job security, a clean and safe place of work and give them the knowledge that they will be treated fairly and with dignity. It must also ensure that everyone is able to make suggestions and raise any concerns without the fear of being punished.

Below are Precision Microdrives principles along with examples of how each one can be applied.

Honesty And Integrity

Precision Microdrive expects everyone who works for it (for example all employees, contractors and subcontractors) to act honestly and to tell the truth at all times. No one should knowingly make a false or misleading statement (spoken or written) and this includes talking to a government official, other employees or companies we do business with.

All employees have a duty to:

  • Act in a reliable and trustworthy manner at all times
  • Respect the privacy, rights and reputations of other individuals and companies
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Declare any conflicts of interest. This includes any second jobs, doing any work paid or unpaid directly or indirectly for a competitor or an investment opportunity. This does exclude any time given to charitable causes or local community organisations
  • Take suitable steps to avoid and prevent deception and report any corruption
  • Avoid bribery, transactions intended to influence a person’s judgment or that secure an unfair benefit or advantage to someone
  • Be alert to the ways their work and behaviour may affect others around them

Respect For The Law And The Environment

We comply with all the laws and regulations in the countries where we trade and will take action against anyone who is found to have committed illegal or criminal acts. There will be no exceptions to this. We do not support or contribute funds to any political party or any group that works on behalf of a political party. Employees are allowed to be involved in and to express their political opinions outside their working hours (without the fear of retribution or punishment) but they are not to connect the company name to any political activities they are involved in.

All employees should:

  • Ensure they are working in a lawful way
  • Recognise and understand the importance of physical and cyber security and data protection
  • Follow all health and safety regulations and report any time they are broken
  • Make sure all environmental laws are followed at all times as this will help minimise the impact the company has on the environment and will allow future generations to enjoy the planet
  • Support environmental and sustainable business practices so the company can reduce the negative effect it has on the environment.
  • Maintain the reputation of the Precision Microdrives at all time, and in all places

Leadership And Communication

All managers and directors have a duty to support and promote high standards of leadership and communication. They are expected to make decisions after collecting and reviewing the facts of a situation and support any employee who comes to them looking for help making a decision.
All managers should:

  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Respect and promote human rights including the laws banning forced labour and employing underaged children
  • Be objective and truthful in any statement they make
  • Be able to review a situation, see the multiple perspectives and make a decision based on facts rather than their opinion  
  • challenge statements or policies that cause them concern

The Cost Of Non-Compliance

Employees who do not follow these values face disciplinary action up to and including the termination of their employment. The following examples of conduct can result in disciplinary action:

  • Breaking the law or a Precision Microdrive policy or asking other employees to
  • Looking for revenge against another employee for reporting a concern
  • Failing to comply with an investigation into a concern raised about a policy breach
  • Failing as a leader to diligently ensure compliance with Precision Microdrive values and principles, policies and the law

Waivers And Amendments

Any amendment or waiver to any part of this code must be approved by Precision Microdrives’  Board of Directors before it can be actioned.

It is your responsibility to ask questions and raise any concerns when there is a compliance issue. You can talk to your line manager, Human Resources Department or a Director for guidance or to report a concern. Precision Microdrives is committed to protecting any individual who reports an issue or concern and will not accept any form of revenge being used against them.

Reviewing And Updating

The Directors will review and update this document throughout the year so it is your responsibility to make sure you check to see the changes they make.


Updated: July 2018


To download a copy of our Ethics Policy please click here.