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'Hugo' Automaton Containing 248-401 is Oscar Nominated

By: Doug Roberts
27 January 2012

  • Hugo's Automaton Uses Precision Microdrives' DC Gearmotors
  • Hugo's Automaton Uses Precision Microdrives' DC Gearmotors

With this weeks release of the 84th Academy Awards Oscar nominations we were delighted to see ‘Hugo’ named across multiple categories, including for the prestigious Best Picture and Best Director awards.

The reason we are so excited is that if you look closely (really, really closely) we are actually in the film! Well, sort of.

Precision Microdrive gearmotors' have a starring role inside the film’s automaton (our 248-401 12v gear motor to be precise) - a small robotic man, that Hugo’s father has been working on to repair. Small DC motors are used in many film props, and are also popular in replicas and toys.

Credit for the creation of Hugo goes to Surrey (UK) based film, television, and exhibition prop makers Dick George Creatives. You can find out more about their highly praised work and services here:


We're humble people, Mr. Scorsese. All we ask for is a hat-tip in our direction during the ‘thank you’ speeches...

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